Ocean’s High-Speed Internet

There’s a place where the internet, Wi-Fi, and GPS do not exist. Communication is haphazard: Sometimes messages arrive different times at the same place, the same time at different places, or not at all. It’s not North Korea, or a time portal to the 1980s. It’s anywhere, today, under the ocean.



From transport, energy and fishing to high growth marine sectors of seabed mining, aquaculture and offshore energy, emerging information ecosystems will transform utilisation and sustainability of ocean resources.

In EXPOSURES, we demonstrate how on-demand autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) can drive intelligent data analytics to rapidly assess environmental processes and impacts in marine waterways. The result will be create new marine information ecosystem that exploits underwater IoT infrastructures such as those offered by the European SUNRISE facility.


Another story on project Sunrise, this time in Portuguese.

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It is where we all came from and it is vital to our future, but the earth’s oceans, seas and waterways remain a mystery to us – a final frontier. The Sunrise project is at the forefront of a revolution in communications, creating an underwater ‘internet of things’, that will mobilise robots to work in groups, interacting together and passing back information to us on life underwater.


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