O Exercício REP 16, contando já com sete edições, foi, uma vez mais, uma oportunidade única para a afirmação internacional das capacidades da robótica nacional.

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NASA and the University of Porto signed a collaboration protocol that will allow both institutions to share knowledge and develop technology for ocean observation.


Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Research Planning Workshop

AUV-RPW 2016, Doha, Qatar, on 24-25 April.

Consortium for O&G Asset Integrity and Environmental Monitoring in Qatar


Have you seen our new videos?

Take a look at our Youtube channel, and see a short videos about the UAV-X8, Neptus - command and control software and also see how our vehicles behave in multi-vehicles operations, with the Mariner-01 (our quadcopter) providing a privileged view of the LAUVs out on the water.

The Anthropocene Institute aims to provide a helpful resource for fishermen and mariners to use on the water and to enhance situational awareness of regulations and conservation measures for long-term marine management.
Partnering with the NOAA Marine Protected Area Center and Navionics they hope to provide comprehensive and accessible MPA data for marine resource managers and the general public.


Submarinos que atuam em grupo e placas balísticas com novos compósitos. São dois projetos de investigação portugueses e acabam de ser selecionados pela EDA para uma lista de 30 projetos inovadores.

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As we told before, in June were at Sicily, for a video shooting for Superquark, an Italian tv show for about Project Sunrise.

In the video bellow you can see the whole show. After 01:29:00 you can find the story about Sunrise.


See the interview we gave to Manoto 1 TV.


For the next 3 days, the Portuguese President will be at Norway for a series of meetings and discussions regarding economic relations between both countries.

With him will be number of biotech entrepreneurs and researchers of which João Sousa, head of LSTS is part. 


LSTS has already begun the preparations for the next big exercises.

With the third "Project NETMAR" demonstration at Porto in May, an exercise in Sicilia, Italy in June and the REP 15 exercise in July, we have been quite busy.

However there is always some time to explain what we do to those who are curious.



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