WavyHub application has been developed to operate and configure the new versions of the WAVY family developed in the project MELOA.
This application was developed with two operation modes in mind, mission/campaign mode and data/log review mode.

In mission/campaign mode it is possible to configure all the existing sensors in Wavy and their respective operating settings, interact with the existing modules in the Wavy system, check the status of Wavy and download log files made by the Wavy.

In data/log review it is possible to review the logs downloaded from Wavy, check the data from the internal sensors, review the positions where Wavy passed and send logs to an external server.


Configure WAVY Payload

Verify and store, on your smartphone, the parameters received by GNSS

Update WAVY software (only in administrative mode)

Download and delete the logs inside the WAVY

Check WAVY Hardware / Software Version

Check status of Wavy

View the downloaded WAVY logs, either in the table, graphic or map

Send the downloaded logs to the Server

LED / Light Pattern Decoder – User Manual

Calculation of Wave Spectrum.