The Cularis electric glider can is an easy-to-launch pure glider (without motor) or motor-glider (electric motor) UAV solution for fast algorithm testing and operational surveillance. This system boils down to a simple one-man single laptop setup configuration with a large array of capabilities.

The glider shape and size allows for a logistically light operation setup with a short time for preparation.




  • Security & Surveillance

    Capable of carrying a small analog video camera the vehicle can perform short-range video reconnaissance of the operation theater. Video is either transmitted in real time to the operation station or stored on board for later analysis.

  • Autonomous Navigation

    Using either commercial autopilot or in-house created solutions, these vehicles are capable of manual and autonomous flight from hand launch to net-recovery landing.

  • Algorithm Testing

    Making use of the same computational system aboard our remaining UAV fleet, the Cularis serves as a capable platform for navigation/planning algorithms before these transition to bigger platforms

  • Network Extension

    Through the on-board Wi-Fi modem the vehicle can not only transmit data back to the operation station but can also extend an existing Wi-Fi network for field operation.

  • Specifications


    260 cm


    150 cm


    Starting at 1.8 up to 2.4 Kg


    Up to 40 min

    Maximum Altitude

    700 m

    Wind tolerance

    Mean 18 Kts | Max 24 Kts


    Resolution: 360 x 288 pixels in JPEG stream


    Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz