LSTS made the cover of SCCOOS's July Newsletter!

The LSTS team met with SCCOOS (Southern California Ocean Observing System) and CDIP (Coastal Data Information Program) to learn about their technologies and ocean observing systems.

Check out the article here:…/uploads/2018/07/July_2018_Newsletter.pdf


The OES Portugal Chapter joins researchers from multiple institutions that have been intensively involved in ocean-related research and development activities. These institutions are part of a network of national organizations with extensive expertise in ocean-related activities, that collectively carry efforts to develop novel tools that make sustainable ocean explorations and exploitation a reality.

Examples of multiple research activities and results of these researchers in the last months can be found below:


Instead of sampling from one vessel in a single location, researchers can now monitor a much larger area with high resolution in space and time in a scalable and cost-efficient manner using a networked fleet of robotic vehicles supported by a vessel-based command center. 

Check out the amazing accomplishments of the campaign «Exploring Front with Multiple Robots» in the Schmidt Ocean Institute's press release:​



O navio científico Falkor, do Schmidt Ocean Institute, com uma equipa coordenada pelo Prof. João Borges de Sousa, terminou a sua viagem de pesquisa de uma frente oceânica com o inédito recurso a veículos autónomos aéreos, de superfície e subaquáticos.

O Jornal da Economia do Mar destaca, no seu site, o sucesso desta expedição oceanográfica intitulada  «Exploring Front with Multiple Robots», no âmbito do projecto NETOS-SOI.

Pode ler aqui a notícia completa.


O Prof. João Borges de Sousa, a convite do Ministro da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior, Manuel Heitor, esteve presente nesta edição, onde apresentou a sessão plenária intitulada "Exploring the Pacific Subtropical front with multiple underwater, surface and air vehicles"


A praia do Cabedelo foi a escolhida para dois dias da primeira demonstração nacional de sobrevivência em aguaceiros promovida pelo Instituto de Socorros a Náufragos (ISN), no âmbito do projeto MELOA.

A entrevista integral à Rádio Alto Minho pode ser lida aqui:[group]/0/


"I think it is essential for humankind to understand the big picture because, in the end, we are talking about the life-support system for the Earth." - Prof. João Borges de Sousa 

Check out the impressive accomplishments – and learn why they matter well  beyond the field of robotics – from the #OceanRobotsTeam in the expedition wrap up video!


FUSE (The Future of Seafloor Science and Engineering) Workshop will take place at Northeastern University, in Boston, USA, on the 21st and 22nd of June. This event is an expert-driven event organized by a highly interdisciplinary group of faculty utilizing these tools for diverse applications.

Prof. João Borges de Sousa has been invited to participate in this Workshop, with a presentation on "Engineering Breakouts - Platforms", on the 22nd of June.


"Por mares nunca dantes navegados: a robótica submarina do LSTS"

O LSTS encontra-se em destaque na edição nº58 da Revista de Engenharia, uma publicação semestral de divulgação externa das atividades da FEUP nas áreas de ensino, investigação e desenvolvimento e de ligação ao meio socioeconómico envolvente. A notícia pode ser encontradas nas páginas 25, 26 e 27 da revista.