Project NETMAR second demo and Seminar at Corunna

Project NETMAR second demo and Seminar at Corunna

During the last week a team from LSTS went to Galicia and Corunna to take part in the second demo of the project NETMAR, that happened at 1st October at A Pobra do Caramiñal.

The goal of this demo was to demonstrate how autonomous aerial and underwater vehicles can be a valuable assets to monitor maritime incidents and help to deploy containment measures in a more efficient way.

The scenario created for this exercise, involved a ship that suffered damage to the hull during a storm and was leaking fuel causing a spill. An UAV would then be deployed to assess the contaminated area. Drifters would also be deployed to accurately understand the way the fuel was spreading and an UAV would make a survey to acquire a more precise image of the contaminated area. During this operation containment measure would be put in place and a ROV would make a hull inspection to evaluate the damage.

To learn all detail of the operations, visit the projects page.
After the demonstration a smaller part of the team headed further north for the seminar "New scenarios of maritime safety in the European Union. Reflections after the Erika and Prestige disasters” at Oleiros.

During 2nd and 3rd October, the NETMAR project was represented in the international seminar by Portuguese (FEUP), Spanish (FUAC, Portos de Galicia and Tecnalia) and Irish (Limerick University) partners.
At the opening of the seminar, João Sousa made a presentation about the project in terms of objectives, major achievements so far, and future plans.
The seminar focused on the social economic and security implications of maritime disasters, with special reference on the Erica and the Prestige cases, this one more focused on the criminal sentence.
Other major and relevant topics approached was the administrative procedures, aeronautical certifications and permission to fly UAV´s in Spanish airspace, which new laws are still somehow fuzzy and not very clear.
Finally, a round table with specialists from different areas discussed present and future issues to be approached in terms of Maritime Safety.

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